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'More to Life' with Dr Kieran Doran
Dr. K D

1.       Favourite food?

Takeaway or microwaveable food. My cooker and cooking utensils walked out on me two years ago citing desertion and neglect!  


2.       Favourite place?

Ballbrannigan Strand, East Cork. Miles of sandy beach and no mobile phone signal.

3.       Do you have a pet?

Yes, I have a goldfish called Stan.  

4.       Best holiday?

Tuscany in Italy, even though the local drivers were crazy, almost as bad as Cork!

5.       Favourite movie?

'Four Weddings and a Funeral', though there is no truth whatsoever in the rumour that Hugh Grant's character was based on my life!  

6.       Ideal Sunday morning?

Watching Test Cricket on TV. Yes, I know ... I need to get a life. 

7.       If you didn’t live in Ireland, where else would you like to live?

The Lancashire Pennine/Yorkshire Dales area of England where I grew up...or at least tried to start...

8.       Cooking for friends – what do you cook? 

Dinner for Two from Marks and Spencers. Because this isn't any ordinary food, it's Marks and Spencers food (with appropriate music in background!).

9.       Stuck in the lift in Brookfield – alone or with others?'s very simple really, Jennifer Aniston.

10.   Favourite book?

McCarthy's Bar. An Englishman of Irish heritage (like myself!) discovers himself travelling around Ireland, brilliantly written and hilarious!

11.   Crunchie or Twix?

Twix. I can share it with Jennifer when we are stuck in the lift in Brookfield...

12.   Guilty pleasure?

Driving to Ballybrannigan Strand with the roof down on my (very early!) mid life crisis car!

13.   Best Christmas?

My first Christmas in my new house! I know, pretty cheesy...

14.   Sun or snow holiday?

Sun, preferably in Australia or the West Indies watching Test Cricket, discovering the local customs, meeting local people and sampling the local delicacies, particularly the beer!

15.   Favourite room?

My Kitchen! It is so peaceful and tranquil, nothing ever happens there!

16.   Famous last words?

'It seemed like a good idea at the time!' 

17.   Hurling or cricket?

Cricket! I really enjoy hurling too, I can just never see where the ball is!

18.   Favourite colour?

Claret and blue, of course! The colours of England's finest football club Burnley FC! Up the Clarets!

19.   Med Ball or Dent Ball?

Both! I know I am hedging my bets here, but it is always great fun seeing staff and students enjoying a well deserved night out!

20.   Treadmill, cross-trainer or rowing machine?

Cross-Trainer. That's how I stay so slim, trim and not looking a day over my 27 years.

(Editors' Comment:Don't mind him - he must be at least 29...)

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